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meter readings

 April 2014, Buck Mountain Gas completed the installation of automated meter reading system. This means that you no longer need to call your meter reading to us each month. Instead, on the first of each month, we have the plane fly over and collect all the reads.

The plane is equipped with a collection device. It has proven much more cost effective to collect and process the reads. These readings, along with our wholesale figures, provide us with an accurate way to do “gas balancing”.

Landowners and Tenants


Effective January 1, 2020, no new rental agreements will be accepted. The account will stay in the landlords name. However, we are able to e-mail a copy of the bill to the tenant at the landlords request. 

Buck Mountain Gas Co-op Ltd. deals with landowners and holds landowners responsible for the gas used on their property.

The co-op, prior to December 31, 2019,  allowed tenants to pay the bill for the landowner as long as a third party agreement had been signed by the landowners allowing the bill to be sent to the tenant.  All renters were required to pay a $400 rental deposit. The landowner is fully responsible for the bill if the tenant lets the account fall into arrears.


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